We are two-piece Irish Folk-punk band, that have been writing, touring and performing for over a decade. Playing our own brand of traditional drinking songs and original material, our sound is harder-hitting and bigger than you’d expect it ever could be. With a thumping beat and a flurry of notes and harmonies, you’ll dash to refill your drink and cheer for more.


We can play background instrumental music, or we can take center stage and get the audience clapping, laughing and singing along every time! With more than six hours of original and traditional songs in the regular repertoire, We do whatever the situation calls for.  We are versed in Traditional Irish music, and are seasoned vets at pub songs and drinking songs. We've also developed a 40-minute  Drinking Song Sing-a-Long stage show that we  perform at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Combining songs, jokes, poetry and improv; this show is currently a twice-a-day stop on the MNRF special events Pub Crawl. 


Based out of the Midwest, we've performed at Irish Festivals, Art Festivals, Pirate Festivals and Renaissance Festivals from Connecticut to Montana and regularly play clubs, pubs and tap rooms throughout the Midwestern states.  We've toured the East Coast and the South West and are always up for a new adventure. We're currently in our 11th season at the MN Ren Fest and have just signed on for the 2020 season of the West Virginia Renaissance Festival.


Along with our gridded pub & stage shows, we regularly are featured at other special events like the Feast of Fantasy and the Bawdy Beer Show.  We are also for-hire for weddings and private parties that go on during the festival.

When we're not doing that, we are often times spotted making music in the streets of the festival grounds wherever we can.  If we find a quiet spot, we have found a way to create pandemonium wherever we go! We forge long relationships with crafters and pub masters by bringing the show to their doorstep and drawing in patrons to listen, dance and of course, shop!  We're a hard working band that would rather be playing music and spreading song than doing just about anything else.


"The Langer’s Ball are spectacular musicians and entertainers. They possess seemingly unending energy...Hannah and Michael are models, a standard against which other entertainers can be measured. They bring their wonderful music and energy to each song, performance, and interaction with their audience." (FULL LETTER HERE)

-David "Fud" Williams, Artistic & Entertainment Director, MN Renaissance Festival

"The only way to be absolutely sure we have customers is to invite The Langers Ball!"

-Arian Schuessler, Owner of Mason City Brewing, Mason City, IA

“We’ve had The Langer’s Ball the performing in the Feast of Fantasy many times and love everything they do. They are definitely a major act in our show! A multi-talented musical duo that is pure and entertainment from beginning to end for folks of all ages!”

-Laszlo and The Feast Beast. MRF Feast of Fantasy

"I can say without a moment of hesitation that Michael and Hannah are exactly what a producer/director looks for when hiring entertainment. From the boundless energy, to the music, the story telling and generally great show they are an act that hits the very rare combination of multifaceted AND high quality." (FULL LETTER HERE)

-Mark Lazarchic, Bawdy Beer Show Host & CEO Serenity Venture Group

“If you liked the Pogues in their 80's heyday, you'll like the Langers too.”

Stephen D. Winick, Huffington Post (Apr 05, 2013)

"The Langer’s Ball have long been hailed as one of the most interesting and innovative bands in the north American celtic-punk scene. They have never been afraid to mix in other genre’s of music while all the time keeping one toe firmly in the music of The Emerald Isle. It’s bands like The Langer’s Ball that keep the scene alive and fresh and bring new ideas to the celtic-punk table." 

 -London Celtic Punk Fan-zine


Give Michael a call or a text at 651-485-8090 or send an email to info@thelangersball.com

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