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Kickstart "Hold Tight" today for all the latest updates and early and exclusive access to the music.  Kickstarter campaign ends Sunday, May 14th at 9:00pm CDT.


This is a collection of songs that we started writing while off the road because of the pandemic; songs about nights in the pubs with our friends; songs about travelling around this amazing country and playing music; songs about belonging and finding your place in the world. Then as we got to emerge from our home and hit the road again, we were overwhelmed by inspiration from the crowds, the sights and sounds around us, and more music began to flow!

"Hold Tight" is 11 new tracks with six original songs, three Celtic classic favorites and two Instrumental trad songs.

You can help Kickstart this album today and gain early and exclusive access to the music and some other great rewards like T-shirts, Hoodies and LP tote bags!

Available on CD or Vinyl starting June 15th, 2023


1. Do It All Again

2. Poor Paddy

3. King of the Fairies

4. Whiskey From the Still

5. Lark in the Morning

6. It Feels Good

7. Go Lassie Go

8. Bottom of the Bottle

9. The Hasty Set

10. Barrel of Whiskey

11. Place to Lay My Head


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