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"Appetite for Tradition" The Langer's Ball 2020 Album

The album you likely weren't expecting from THE LANGER'S BALL

 A mostly instrumental release, showcasing the bands love of Traditional Irish Music.  An album that is purely traditional, yet not conventional. Released in July 2020.

Top 10 Celtic-Folk-Punk of 2020

-Celtic Punkcast (Australia)

Appetite for Tradition (2020)

The Album you likely weren't expecting from The Langer's Ball.  This album is a Traditional Irish music album, even if it isn't a conventional Irish Music album.  Hannah & Michael showcase their musicianship with 14 tracks of Irish Tune sets, including an original polka.  The layered tracks include some creative percussion and interpretations of traditional jigs, reel, slides, polkas and more.  

Appetite for Tradition shows that The Langer's Ball can't be put in a neat box.  This album will broaden your view of the band, but keep your feet tapping like you'd expect.

Available on CD or Vinyl


  1. Reels: Drowsy Maggie/Fermoy Lasses/Cooley's

  2. Jigs: The Humors of Glendart/The Lilting Banshee/The Connaught Man's Rambles

  3. Polkas: The Lisdoonvarna/Tralee Gaol/The Arizona Polka

  4. Reel/Jig: The Otter's Holt/Morrison's Jig

  5. Jigs: The Blackthorn Stick/Pay the Reckoning/The Ship in Full Sail

  6. Reels: Maid Behind the Bar/Anything for Jonjo?

  7. Jigs: Rakes of Kildare/The Swallows Nest/Donnybrook Fair

  8. Slip Jig: Rocky Road to Dublin

  9. Slides: Going to the Well for Water/The Lonesome Road to Dingle

  10. Reels: Ships are Sailing/Pigeon on the Gate/The Musical Priest

  11. Hornpipes: Delahunty's/Off to California/Rights of Man

  12. Aire: Bygone Days

  13. Jigs: Charlie Hunter's/Cricket's March Over the Saltbox/Shores of Lough Gowna

  14. Polkas: Maggie in the Woods/Jamie Across the Water/ Mari's Wedding



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