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7 YEAR ITCH (EP 2014)


A Little something for nothing!

In the seventh year of the band, TLB presents “7 Year Itch” – 7 songs from their Iowa Public Radio appearance (originally broadcast on the Folk Tree on Aug 3rd, 2014) remastered, plus the bonus track “ABCD” of Hannah & Michael playing around in the studio one night.

All songs are recorded live! This is the band, live and raw - In all it's Irish Punk Glory and you can download it FREE, it’s our gift to you.  We hope you enjoy!



1. Jug of This

2. Mackey's Daughter

3. Johnny, You're a Rovin' Blade

4. God's Gonna Cut You Down

5. Whiskey Chaser

6. Cork Dry Gin

7. As I Roved Out


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