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As I Roved Out, the debut full-length album from The Langer's Ball Duo, was released in July 2008. With all instruments played by Michael & Hannah, Jim Tarbox of the Irish Gazette says it’s “…an assured set of both traditional and more contemporary songs that is a treasure from beginning to end.” It also earned a special mention as one of the best Celtic Rock CDs of 2008 by Paddy Rock Radio.

You can hear the folk-root beginnings of the band, while still hearing some of the Celtic Rock sensibility peeking through with songs like "Crooked Jack" and the title track itself - "As I Roved Out".



1. The Galway Girl

2. Raglan Road

3. Charlie Hunter's Jig

4. As I Roved Out

5. Jigs: The Humors of Glendart/The Lilting Banshee/ The Connaughtman's Rambles

6. The Star of the County Down

7. And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

8. Slides: Going tothe Well for Water/ The Lonesome Road to Dingle

9. Mick McGuire

10. The Little Beggarman

11. Crooked Jack/The Fermoy Lasses

12. Polkas: Maggie in the Woods/ Jamie Across the Water

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